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Such is Life in the Tropics (OT: Sin Muertos no Hay Carnaval)

Ecuador/Mexico/Germany 2016, Drama, 100', 2k


Director: Sebastián Cordero
Writer: Andrés Crespo Arosemena, Sebastián Cordero
Producers: Sebastián Cordero / Arturo Yépez Z., Carnaval Cine,  Bertha Navarro, Salamandra Producciones, Stelios Ziannis/Vera Weit, Aktis Film Production
Director of Photography: Tonatiuh Martínez

Ecuadorian Oscar © Entry 2017



Daniel Adum Gilbert (Emilio Baquerizo)
Víctor Aráz (Gustavo Miranda Jr.)
Diego Cataño Elizondo (Celio Montero)
Andrés Crespo Arosemena (Abogado Lisandro Terán)
Erando González (Don Gustavo Miranda)
Antonella Valeriano (Samanta)
María Josefina Viteri (María Clara Baquerizo)
Maya Zapata (Ingrid)


Everything begins with a stray bullet: Don Gustavo Miranda accidentally kills a boy in a forest outside of Guayaquil. He is Tommy Cassady, son of an ornithologist.  The death happens during an illegal deer hunt, simultaneous to a bird watching excursion. Don Gustavo, without being seen, decides to run away with his hunting companions: his son Gustavo Jr. and his godson Emilio.

Don Gustavo is the president of the biggest soccer club in Guayaquil, and wants to run for mayor.  As a public figure,  he  believes  that   disappearing   from   the   scene   of   the accident is a wise decision. In fact, neither he nor his companions want to draw any public attention, since they are currently trying to evict a 15 acres’ squatter settlement on the outskirts of Guayaquil: 150 families have built their bamboo and cardboard houses in the future site of a gas refinery.  The occupied land is Emilio’s, but the money required for the eviction is Don Gustavo’s.


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